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Kellman Brown Academy is excited to announce the creation of the upcoming

Jewish Community STEM Lab

A first of its kind facility with a focus on interactive Jewish learning that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

This lab will feature:

  • AR/VR Center
  • Robotics
  • Advanced coding 
  • 3D printing
  • Engineering & circuitry

As the Jewish Community Day School, our goal is to create an innovative center that will be the hub of high-tech, hands-on Jewish learning for the entire South Jersey Jewish community. 

"I am so excited for our community to be able to soon access this wonderful new resource. Our tradition encourages us to connect our lives with Torah in every imaginable way. Bringing STEM into our understanding of tradition and faith will no doubt deepen our connection to our beautiful heritage."

-Rabbi Ben David, Adath Emanu-el

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“65 percent of today’s schoolchildren will eventually be employed in jobs that have yet to be created."

- U.S. Department of Labor


So how do we know what to teach--how to prepare our students to be leaders in future?

We know these jobs will be in the STEM fields.  

Our students/community need to be at the forefront of STEM thinking and STEM skills


Where does Judaism come into all of this?

STEM thinking IS Jewish thinking.

Just like education has to adapt to the times, so has Judaism.

Judaism is good at that--that’s why we’re still around.

Look at the richness of Jewish life in the South Jersey community.

We are seeking to create a first of its kind--a Jewish Community STEM Lab.


What would this look like?

A high-tech hub of Jewish learning for the entire community.  A space and a resource for Jewish people of all backgrounds and affilations to engage with Judaism in a new an innovative way.


Why is Jewish STEM important or necessary?

We are constantly striving to find the next meaningful connection points for Jewish children--how do we make our ancient tradition real, engaging, exciting, meaningful, and important to the next generation?  Answer, meet them where they’re at, deepen their foundation and engage them so they want more.  


How do you make STEM Jewish?

By creating a meaningful Jewish framework within which to forge these innovative connection points.  This is why we are so proud that we have the full support and partnership of the tri-County Board of Rabbis. By partnering with our community clergy, the leaders of our community, we can integrate Jewish STEM into the fabric of the way we teach and the way that our students and their families learn and engage with Judaism.


Why do we need Jewish Interactive?

JI is a global leader in inspiring Jewish children to connect with their Jewish identities.  The idea of a Jewish Community STEM Lab is a cutting-edge concept.  We need a mentor and a guide to help us create the best possible program that we can build.  They have the resources, tools, and expertise to guide us, not just in building right now, but in planning and building for the future.  We know that technology changes every minute--but, this company is at the forefront of understanding and leading the way this type of education is going.  Not to mention, the name recognition around the world to go with JI.  And, they want to partner with us to further their own goals!


Why do we need Franklin Insitute?

We think Jewish Interactive + Franklin Institute = Infinite potential.  This is exactly what Kellman Brown Academy represents and what our South Jersey Jewish Community represents--the integration of the very best of Judaism and the secular to enhance our ability to understand our world and live our lives with meaning.


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Download the concept art