After-School Activities for KBA Students

Our educational and recreational activities offer instruction from local experts in a wide variety of specialties. Age appropriateness, availability, and pricing vary per activity.

Available activities this year:

  Junior Science Club | Mini Sports | Creative Artists Club | Soccer Shots

Acting Bugs Acting Club | Israeli Krav Maga | Basketball Clinic | Animation Club





Activities Offered – FIRST SESSION

Healthy Cooking Club

Ages 3 and up

Tuesday afternoons: 3:30-4:30

Dates: Starting September 10 (Please note: Healthy Cooking will not be in session when school is closed)

Cost: $240 for 12 weeks

For more information, please visit or


Mini Sports Club

 P4 - 5th grade

Monday afternoons: 3:30 - 4:30 

September 9 - October 28 (Please note: Mini sports will not be in session when school is closed)

Cost: $96 for 5 classes

Mini Sports is designed for students to learn and practice different skills and games. Students will learn to run, throw, catch, and kick. These skills will be used while they learn different sports and games including basketball, baseball, soccer and much more.

 To register, please follow the link below:  

or email with questions.


Animation Club – Mini Series

2nd – 8th grade

Monday afternoons: 3:30-4:30

Dates: September 9 – November 11 (Please note: Animation Club will not be in session when school is closed)

Cost: $100 for a 6-week mini series

Want to make your own stop motion film? Come explore the art of animation by creating your own settings, building characters from clay or Legos, and using an iPad to be your own director of a film. The fun and possibilities are endless!

 To register, email!

Basketball Clinic

4th – 8th grade 

Tuesday afternoons: 3:30-4:30

Dates: September 10 – November 5

Cost: $80 for 5 classes

The basketball clinic is designed for students who want to improve their basketball ability for the upcoming basketball season. Sessions will feature different skills such as shooting, dribbling, passing, and defense. Competitive games will also be used to enhance skill development.

 To register, please follow the link below:

or email with questions.


Junior Science Club

P4 - 3rd grade

Wednesday afternoons: 3:30 - 4:30 

Dates: September 11 – November 6 (Note: Science Club is not in session when school is closed)

Cost: $175 for an 8-week session

Want to unlock the secrets of science through hands-on experiments? With a focus on Science and Engineering, your Super Scientist will explore, conduct experiments, and stretch their minds as well as measure, design, build, and problem-solve using a variety of tools. Join Mrs. McIlhenny on Wednesdays for a fun and memorable after-school activity!

To register, email:


Creative Arts Club

P4 - 5th grade

Wednesday afternoons: 3:30 - 4:30 

Beginning September 11 for 13 weeks (Note: Art Club is not in session when school is closed)

Cost: $195 for a 13-week session

Want to increase your skills in art? Sign up for Creating Artists on Wednesdays after school! Students can pick their own projects and work with different mediums to become the artist they always dreamed of being. There is limited space, so make sure to sign up if you are interested.

To register, email: Kelianne Sharkey at


Soccer Shots

P3 - 3rd grade

Wednesday afternoons: 3:30-4:30    

September 11 - November 20 (Note: Soccer Shots is not in session when school is closed)

Cost: $120 for a 10-week session 

(One-time annual enrollment fee: includes Soccer Shots Jersey)  

Soccer Shots Classic program utilizes creative games to focus on soccer skills of dribbling, passing, ball control, and scoring goals. Our program highlights positive character traits in each session, such as respect, teamwork, confidence, and sportsmanship.  

Soccer Shots Premier designed for 1st-3rd grade focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction. We teach and encourage 100% participation. Creating a learning environment to have FUN and ENJOY the game.

We pride ourselves on the 3 C's: Coaching, Curriculum, Communication. 

To register, visit and click on “View Locations.”


Acting Bugs Acting Club

Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Thursday afternoons: 3:30-4:15

Dates: September 12 - November 7 (Please note: Acting Bugs Club will not be in session on 10/31)

Cost: $125 for an 8-week session

If your child is ready for the spotlight or perhaps needs some help coming out of their shell, then look no further! Acting Bugs is a Theatre Arts enrichment program that believes in the power of storytelling and imagination.  Each class includes a new and exciting adventure each week, music and movement, costumes, props, and more! 

To register, email Carol at


Israeli Krav Maga Club

Ages 7 years old - 12 years old

Thursday afternoons: 3:30 - 4:30

Dates: September 12- November 7 (Please note: Krav Maga will not be in session on 10/31)

Cost: $160 for an 8-week session

The Krav Maga program will effectively teach children, ages 7-12, self-defense and anti-bullying techniques. The curriculum is designed to help motivate children through exercise, beginner conditioning drills, and personal safety education (i.e. verbal de-escalation training). The class will help build awareness, discipline, confidence and self-esteem. Students will be introduced to practical and effective fitness drills and general health and well-being tips.  They will build a strong foundation in Krav Maga as they are introduced to basic blocks, the proper use of measured force counter-attacks, hold escapes, groundwork, street safety tips, anti-bullying tactics and awareness strategies.

To register, email


AFTER SCHOOL MUSIC PROGRAM 2019-2020 – First Session


KBA is proud to offer one of the finest after school music programs in the area.  Our children are given the opportunity to achieve excellence in music through their natural love of learning in a caring, nurturing environment.  Playing music develops children’s mathematical skills and self-discipline.  Our music program encourages exploration, creativity, and self-expression.  This helps us fulfill our mission of enabling our children to grow into independent, creative thinkers!  

Click here to download the flyer


Offered Instruction:

•   Instruments:

•         piano, drums, violin, cello, flute, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, classical guitar, bass guitar, and voice. 

•   Instrumental Lesson Format:

•          Private Lessons – Individual 30 minute lessons (45 minute lessons available for an additional charge).

•          Semi –Private Lessons– This is the MasterClass Method of Teaching.  With this method, one student observes as another is taught and then they switch.  As soon as students are able to, they begin playing duets and trios with their teacher. 

•   Music Theory & Solfège: Music theory provides children with a firm foundation of music comprehension.   During this weekly half-hour class, children learn to read and understand musical notation as well as, study music history and rhythm.


•   Rock Band: The rock band specializes in a different genre of music.  The ensemble rehearses, ”jams” and performs a combination of pop, rock, and jazz pieces.


•   Supervised Time between Lessons: Your child will be supervised between lessons at no additional cost.  The supervisor can assist them with homework, if necessary and will be with the students until 6:00 pm.  Please pack your child a snack.


To register, please contact Dmitri Kasyuk at



Questions? Email Brittany McIlhenny—After School Coordinator: