Phys Ed Happenings

Kellman Brown Academy Physical Education

The Physical Education program at Kellman Brown Academy instills in students the skills and confidence needed to live a physically active and healthy life style while helping students discover and develop individual talents and athletic abilities. There is an emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship throughout daily activities.

Pre K – Gan:

  • Focus on developing gross motor skills, such as body movement and awareness, directions, balancing, fitness, catching and throwing.
  • Group games and activities. Examples, students participate in games such as Four Corners and Ant Eater.  They navigate through a number of different obstacle courses and complete a variety of relay races.

1st Grade- 8th grade:

  • Sport skill sets that are taught and played throughout the year include soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton, ultimate frisbee and baseball/softball.
  • Middle School participate in fitness testing. Students run a timed mile, do a PACER test and perform as many push-ups and sit ups as they can.