100+ Things that make Us #KBAwesome



  3. Fantastic Programs in which our students shine

  4. Enthusiastic lessons


  6. Hag ha Siddur celebration for 1st grade

  7. Hag ha Torah event for 2nd grade

  8. Adventurous after school activities

  9. Daily hot lunch program

  10. School Nurse on duty full time

  11. Tribute Dinner

  12. Shakespeare experience in 3rd grade

  13. Havdalah evening in 3rd grade

  14. Siyum Bereishit in 4th grade

  15. Life Cycle Unit in 5th grade

  16. 6th grade TEVA Trip

  17. 7th and 8th grade bi-annual Washington DC Trip

  18. Mini model congress competition

  19. Bookmates Friendships

  20. Culminating 8th grade Israel Trip

  21. Better Together Class visits to Lion’s Gate, a senior citizens’ residence

  22. Voorhees police officers as advisors

  23. Small classes

  24. School-wide Jewish holiday celebrations

  25. The Zimrikudia

  26. Our fantastic Purim Shpiel

  27. Kellman Lions Basketball Teams

  28. KBA Track Team

  29. Celebratory Purim Carnival

  30. Our Annual Sold Out school musicals

  31. In school b’nai mitzvah celebrations

  32. Names Not Numbers interviews, editing and Grand opening

  33. Special Friends Days

  34. Model Seders led by 8th graders

  35. Dr. Seuss’s birthday

  36. Star Student Program in Second Grade

  37. Pajama Day

  38. PTG Book Fair in Fall and Spring

  39. PTG Plant Sale

  40. 100th Day Celebration

  41. Israeli dancing

  42. Middle School Student Council

  43. Student Council Freezy Fridays

  44. Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration

  45. Felafel picnic lunch for the whole school

  46. After school music program

  47. Music concerts

  48. After school Rock Band

  49. Life long friends

  50. Dual language program

  51. Amazing parent teacher partnership

  52. Cutting edge curriculum

  53. Latest 3-D printers

  54. Middle School ipad program

  55. Math olympiad program?

  56. Unparalleled Judaic Life coordinator

  57. The best principal any student/parent could ever ask for  :)

  58. Gorgeous facility

  59. Smart boards

  60. Partnership with Jewish Federation

  61. Gan Breakfast in the Sukkah

  62. PTG Sukkah Decorating party

  63. 1st Grade Dinner in the Sukkah

  64. Dedicated STEM coordinator

  65. Bookmates

  66. Crazy Hat Day

  67. Student Mentors

  68. Extended county services

  69. Special fun cooking with teachers

  70. Master Chef

  71. Expansive playground

  72. Student Ambassador Program

  73. PTG providing donuts for the whole school for Chanukah

  74. PTG providing hamentaschen for the whole school for Purim

  75. Gorgeous tzedakah box gift upon completing your bar/bat mitzvah

  76. Lag B’Omer Blumenfeld Field Day at JCC Camps

  77. Back to School Picnic for all the families

  78. Spiral Curriculum

  79. The Great Body Shop

  80. Student mentors in younger grades

  81. Artist in Residence, visual and musical arts

  82. Author’s Night celebrating our students

  83. Fabulous parent volunteers

  84. Walking Club at Recess

  85. Middle school Electives

  86. Stupendous Support staff in the office

  87. Differentiated Instruction

  88. Responsive Classroom

  89. Morning Meetings

  90. Full Time School Counselor

  91. Alumni Career Day

  92. Feb Term Projects

  93. Science and Math Expos

  94. Rosh Chodesh twizzlers

  95. GaGa pit on playground

  96. Indoor GaGa pit

  97. Security

  98. Crazy Hat Day to celebrate Adar

  99. Exceptional Grant Writers

  100. PTG Fall Fundraiser

  101. Community Rabbi Visits

  102. Spectacular Indoor Gym

  103. We show kindness!

  104. Second Grade L’dor V’dor Video

  105. Sense of community and feeling of belonging!

  106. Meat lunch Wednesday

  107. STEM activities that involve a range of grade levels working together

  108. Mystery Reader

  109. Wonderful playground

  110. Mrs. Blain

  111. Ms. Jennie

  112. Ms. Jenny

  113. Our wonderful families!

  114. Kabbalat Shabbat- Dress up Day

  115. Special Field Trips

  116. Our amazing and wonderful principal

  117. Amazing artists!

  118. The student’s creative and colorful ideas

  119. Our amazing Havdallah program-תוכנית ההבדלה המקסימה שלנו

  120. The love for Hebrew and Judaism-האהבה לעברית וליהדות

  121. Adapting the Israeli soldiers and giving them sufganiyot or Mishloach Manot-אהבה הגדולה שלנו לחיילי צבא ההגנה לישראל

  122. Israeli dancing-רקודי עם ישראליים