“Keeping it R.E.A.L. in 2015″ (Responsibility Equals Accountability and Leadership)

Random Acts of KBA Kindness

February 3, 2015

Recently, I caught a glimpse of a TV show on the Food Network – The Kids Baking Championship. Some of the best kid bakers from around the country were selected to compete in a contest to win $10,000, a spread in Food Network, and the title Kids Baking Champion. What struck me in the clip I watched was how, in the middle of a competition, one girl who had finished a particular baking challenge went over to help another boy. He had burned his finger earlier in the day and was having difficulty finishing his dessert.

It really got me thinking about the random acts of kindness I see every day at KBA.

Picture this…

  • A student accidentally spills his chips on the floor at lunch. Another student rushes over to help him clean them up.
  • Two girls walk in to the nurse’s office during recess. One has fallen and scraped her knee. The other child is there to hold her hand.
  • A middle school student forgets a book in class; a peer brings it to her next period.
  • Every hand in the classroom goes up when a teacher asks for a volunteer to help her with something.
  • I’m walking down the hall in the afternoon, a boy comes up to me to say goodbye and wish me a good day.

While these all may seem like small, expected, and insignificant moments over the course of a day at any school, I can assure you they are unfortunately not. However, we not only make a habit of these kind actions at Kellman Brown Academy, we make a point of honoring them.

In today’s fast-paced world in which people are more focused on themselves than ever, day school environments like ours, and of course your homes, are places in which students are challenged, nurtured, and above all else reminded what it means to be a kind person and take responsibility for his/her own community.