KBA is proud to offer one of the finest after school music programs in the area. Our children are given the opportunity to achieve excellence in music through their natural love of learning in a caring, nurturing environment. Playing music develops children’s mathematical skills and self-discipline. Our music program encourages exploration, creativity, and self-expression. This helps us fulfill our mission of enabling our children to grow into independent, creative thinkers!


  • Piano, drums, violin, cello, flute, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, classical guitar, bass guitar, and voice.
  • Instrumental Lesson Format:
    • Private Lessons – Individual 30 minute lessons (45 minute lessons available for an additional charge).
    • Semi –Private Lessons– This is the MasterClass Method of Teaching. With this method, one student observes as another is taught and then they switch. As soon as students are able to, they begin playing duets and trios with their teacher.
  • Music Theory & Solfège: Music theory provides children with a firm foundation of music comprehension. During this weekly half-hour class, children learn to read and understand musical notation as well as, study music history and rhythm.
  • Rock Band: The rock band specializes in a different genre of music. The ensemble rehearses, ”jams” and performs a combination of pop, rock, and jazz pieces.
  • Supervised Time between Lessons: Your child will be supervised between lessons at no additional cost. The supervisor can assist them with homework, if necessary and will be with the students until 6:00 pm. Please pack your child a snack.